I provide Clinical Supervision and Consultation to qualified and trainee Psychotherapists and Counsellors as well as Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, in both my private practice and within agency settings. I also offer clinical supervision to organisations and therapy services 

I supervise practitioners who work in many different modalities.

I am as comfortable supporting the therapist in exploring unconscious processes in the clinical material presented, linking theory with practice, and working with the transference and countertransference in order to deepen an understanding of the client's inner world, as I am with addressing issues of technical difficulty in working clinically with a manualised CBT protocol that may be hindering the therapist's efficacy.

I encourage the therapist to develop their own ways of reflecting, thinking and processing clinical material, in order that they establish their own identity as a therapist over time.

Within supervision I draw on my 25 years of clinical experience in; private practice, the NHS, Employee Assistance Programmes, Counselling Agencies and services in the voluntary sector.