Integrative Psychotherapy/Psychology/Counselling

aims to bring different therapeutic models, methods, theories and philosophies together in a practical and principled way. My therapeutic approach integrates elements of: Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural [CBT] Therapies, with both a Relational and Humanistic emphasis on a direct and authentic relationship. My practice has a foundation in both Mindfulness and a radical acceptance of the human condition - these principles underpin all my work.

Evidence Based Therapies:

Research has shown the therapies that I deliver; to be effective across a range of presenting difficulties.  [See the NICE guidelines - Useful Links

For Individuals I offer both; Short Term Therapy as well as Open Ended Therapy.

I also work with Couples and Groups and offer consultations to organisations.  

I've run successful weekend workshops for over a decade on; 'Integrative Formulation and Diagnosis in Psychotherapy', 'Working Therapeutically with Personality Disorders', 'Severe Presentations and the use of Medication in Mental Health' as well as 'Developing and Running a Successful Therapy Practice'.  

I also offer Clinical Supervision to qualified;   Psychotherapists.   Psychologists.   Counsellors.  Organisations

as well as offering supervision for trainees of their clinical work on both placement and with training clients.     

Zoom Sessions / On-line Therapy

While traditional face to face counselling is often considered preferable, on-line technologies like Zoom have made counselling and psychotherapy accessible to everyone. I provide personal on-line therapy to clients living in the UK and throughout the world.

While on-line counselling may not be suitable for everyone, many people feel that technology allows counselling opportunities that would not be possible otherwise. 

If you would like to speak with me on-line, please get in touch. To book your first on-line counselling appointment please contact me via email or telephone.