Integrative Psychology/Psychotherapy/Counselling

aims to bring different therapeutic models, methods, theories and philosophies together in a practical and principled way. My therapeutic approach integrates elements of: Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural [CBT] 
Therapies, with both a Relational and Humanistic emphasis on a direct and authentic relationship. My practice has a foundation in both Mindfulness and a radical acceptance of the human condition - these principles underpin all my work.

Evidence Based Therapies:
Research has shown the therapies that I deliver; to be effective across a range of presenting difficulties.  [See the NICE guidelines - Useful Links

For Individuals I offer both; Brief, Short Term Therapy as well as Open Ended Therapy.

I also work with Couples and Groups and offer consultations to organisations.  

In the last year I've run successful workshops on;
'Integrative Formulation and Diagnosis in Psychotherapy', [2Days]
'Working Therapeutically with Personality Disorders', [2Days]
'Severe Presentations and the use of Medication in Mental Health' [2Days]
as well as
'Developing and Running a Successful Therapy Practice'.  [1Day]

I also offer Clinical Supervision to qualified;

as well as to 
Organisations and Services

I also offer supervision for trainees of their clinical work on both placement and with training clients.