Data Protection

Any and all documents are kept privately and confidentially by me.   I keep some of your basic personal details on file.  The reason for keeping these is to aid our communication and in case of an emergency. 

In signing our contract, you are letting me know that your consent has been freely given for me to obtain and securely store this information, while it is relevant to our work together. 

If any of this information changes, please advise me and I will provide you with a new form to sign.

If wish to remove your agreement to my use of your data at any point, please let me know either in person, by phone +44 [0] 7957-740-482 or by email

As required by my professional bodies and to ensure best practice, I discuss all my client work with a clinical supervisor.  I do not share names or any other identifying details.

If I suddenly became incapacitated or otherwise unable to contact you, my professional executor [a psychotherapist colleague] would contact you to inform you of the circumstances and offer support for them to make arrangements for any ongoing support. This colleague will also be bound by confidentiality.  Should my absence be permanent they will also ensure that all personal data relating to you will be deleted. 

In the unlikely event that your personal information does somehow become disclosed, lost or corrupted, I would of course notify both you and the ICO within 72 hours in accordance with GDP regulations.